Saizoner Mixer GranulatorMixer granulator is one of the essential equipment widely sought after in the pharmaceutical industry. Utilized for mixing the ingredients and making granules before compression, mixer granulator is massively known for its quick mixing and granulation time. Talking specifically about the tablet manufacturing technology, we find that the mixer granulator plays a vital role in the uniform distribution of all formulation ingredients. Owing to its vital importance in the line and to meet the precise needs of the tablet manufacturing industry, DJA-Pharma has come up with Saizoner mixer granulator for the complete standard granulation.

Specially designed to achieve all the requirements of cGMP (Current Good Manufacturing Practices), Saizoner mixer granulator attains the same by reducing processing time, homogeneous mixing, uniformity of granule size, and maintaining improved hygiene compliant to cGMP norms. High in demand for performing a string of applications, Saizoner mixer granulator has a useful working capacity. Manufactured to offer uniform granules by gentle processing, Saizoner mixer granulator comprises components that can be easily dismantled, cleaned thoroughly, and assembled without wasting too much time. The shaft seals in Saizoner mixer granulator are highly effective to check any leakages and cross-contamination due to adherents. The bowl and all the components are of highly polished stainless steel with smooth contours and are crevice free. The best part about Saizoner mixer granulator is that this particular machinery massively helps in attaining the blending of powder and breaking the product to granules of required size. Another essential feature of the Saizoner mixer granulator is that it can rotate at two speeds – 1500/3000 RPM. As far as the advantages of using Saizoner mixer granulator are concerned, quick mixing and granulation time, working capacity of up to 80% to 40% of the bowl volume, uniform granulation, and no dead spaces due to the specific bowl shape are the prime ones.

Having said that, if you have been looking for a mixer granulator for your tablet manufacturing line, choose Saizoner mixer granulator without having any second thoughts. We, at DJA-Pharma, are there to provide Saizoner mixer granulator in a series of specifications. So, purchase the best possible Saizoner mixer granulator won’t be tough. To make a worthy purchase, all you have to do is make a choice based on the model, working (Ltrs.), volume (kgs.), gear size, box ratio, main motor, CHPR motor, and approx weight specifications. Rest assured, making use of Saizoner mixer granulator will help you accomplish all your preset tablet manufacturing industry objectives in a remarkable form.