About Parle Global

Armed with a degree of B.Sc. (Tech.) from a coveted institution – University Department of Chemical Technology (UDCT), Mumbai, India our founder and chairman Mr. Rajmal L. Mehta established a small set up in 1974 for the manufacture and supply of tablet compression tools in Mumbai, India. Effective utilization of available internal resources and reinvestment of profits to purchase high precision machines as well as recruitment of trained manpower, Parle continued to grow organically year after year since its inception. As per the latest figures employee strength of Parle group grew to over 800 & are committed to meet the expectations of the customers and ensure to be a reliable and most preferred partner for our products and services.

To meet ever increasing needs of the industry, Parle ensured its growth by forging strategic alliance with well known international pharma-engineering companies from South Korea, Germany, Italy, Japan, Switzerland, U.K. etc. and also by acquiring a pharma-engineering company ‘Magnose’ from India. The landmark joint venture with Elizabeth Carbide, USA to form Parle Elizabeth Tools Pvt. Ltd. for tablet compression tools, spare/change parts for blister packing machines and ultra modern tablet presses will further consolidate Parle’s position in the market in the coming years. The joint venture with Kovai Machinery Pvt. Ltd. to form Parle Kovai Machinery Pvt. Ltd. opened up the path to enter the Oitment/ Tube filling, Jar filling & high speed cartoning machines.

To support our esteemed customers in India in the fields of food & beverages and cosmetic industries with cost effective and advance technology solutions, Parle has already formed a strong alliance with business partners from across the globe.

Besides having two manufacturing locations near Mumbai (Pharmaceutical Packaging, Printing & Tooling) one in Ahmedabad (Press Machines) and Corporate Marketing offices in Mumbai, Parle has ensured proximity to the customers for providing assistance on priority. So to cater our customers with most priority, Parle has a well established network of 10 branch offices in India and our sales agents across the globe.