Why High Shear Mixer Granulator Powered By Direct Drive Motor Better?

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Whether you are a part of the pharmaceutical or food industry, you would know how important it is to choose the right mixing/blending equipment. When it comes to choosing a high shear mixer granulator, you have two options – Direct Drive Technology or brushed rotary motors. Using a high shear mixer granulator that comes with a Direct Drive or torque-based motor removes mechanical transmission elements, such as speed reducers, gear boxes, worm gear drives, and timing belts from the mix. As there is no contact between stator and rotor, there is less or no wear, which results in equipment that lasts long and provides reliable performance. Fewer mechanical parts mean minimum system cost and minimum maintenance.

high shear mixer granulator

A high shear mixer granulator that runs on Direct Drive Technology also improves the dynamic performance of the equipment. Directly driven machines eliminate all processes, such as elasticity, long time drift, and backlash that negatively impact the dynamic performance of these machines.

High shear mixer granulators powered by Direct Drive torque motors also have a broad torque-speed range – they are capable of delivering high torque over different speeds – from high angular velocities to a low-speed situation.

Some of the benefits of going with the ‘Direct Drive’ technology include an increase in productivity, greater accuracy, superior performance, and major cost savings amongst others.

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