Mix Granulates And Dry Powder Uniformly With A Double Cone Blender

If you are looking for a machine that can help you mix granulates and dry powder in a uniform manner, you are not going to find a better one than a double cone blender. It is a versatile machine that can offer you a lot more than you bought it in the first place for. You can use it in pharmaceutical, cosmetic, chemical, and food applications. Especially companies that are a part of the pharmaceutical industry make use of the double cone blender to properly homogeneously blend medicated powders. Usually, only two-thirds of the machine is filled – in order to enable efficient mixing. Pharmaceutical double cone blender equipment is also the right way to mix abrasive and heavy products – with reduced retention and total discharge. Most, if not all double cone blenders, achieve high blending efficiency with the help of the multi shear deflector plates they feature.

Double Cone Blender DJAPharma

Double Cone Blender DJAPharma

Some of the features of double cone blenders include:

– Easy discharge and homogeneous mixing is made possible with its double conical shape

– The working parts of the machine can be customized depending on the type of product being mixed

– There is no load on the motor and the gearbox with the proper balancing of the cone

– The machine features full stainless steel contact parts

– Measures have been taken to make the machine run safely. You can even use a time for the operation.

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